How much? How many? – English Grammar Charts


English Grammar Charts about the difference between HOW MUCH and HOW MANY in English.


How much? How many – ESL / ESOL Grammar Charts

ESL / ESOL Grammar Charts that show the difference between HOW MUCH and HOW MANY in English.

Main Summary Chart

The main summary chart explains how HOW MUCH is used with uncountable nouns and HOW MANY is used with plural countable nouns.

It also explains how HOW MUCH can also be used to mean I want to know the price (with To Be + a singular or plural noun).

The final part of the summary chart explains how the noun can be omitted in the question when it is obvious what we’re talking about.
e.g. A: I need some sugar. B: How much do you need?

There are two versions of this main summary chart:

  • One larger version on one page (can be used on a wall or in a student’s book)
  • Two smaller versions on one page with cutting lines around them.

I have included this summary chart divided into two parts on separate pages. The first part of the main summary chart on one page and the omitted noun explanation on another page.

BONUS: There is an exercise page with 8 simple questions where students need to fill the blank with MUCH or MANY. There is an answer sheet for teachers or for students to check their own answers.

These charts are ideal for putting on the classroom wall.

CONTENT: This resource contains 6 Pages:

  • How much? How many? Large Summary Chart – (1 page)
  • How much? How many? Small Chart – Two per page – (1 page)
  • With countable and uncountable nouns – (1 page)
  • Omitting the noun chart – (1 page)
  • 8 Fill the blank questions – (1 page)
  • Fill the blank answer sheet – (1 page)

LEVEL: Pre-Intermediate (CEFR – A2 Level)
AGE: 8+
Format: .PDF

English Video

I have created a video on YouTube about this topic. You can watch this free video to have a better idea of the contents of these charts and you can even use it in the classroom if you wish.

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