Months in English – Train Worksheet


A worksheet about months of the year in English.

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ESL Worksheets about months of the year in English.

Both worksheets contain 6 trains each carrying three carriages (passenger cars). Some of the carriages have the name of a month on its side and others have a blank space. Students need to write the months of the year on the carriages where they are missing. The months need to be written in chronological order.

We have included answer sheets for teachers. These sheets are ideal to have printed so that students can check their own answers if this isn’t done as a whole class activity.


CONTENT: This pack contains 4 Pages:

  • Months of the year in English – Student Versions – (2 pages)
  • Months of the year in English – Teacher Answers – (2 pages)

LEVEL: Beginner (CEFR – A1 Level)
AGE: From 5 years
Format: .PDF

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