To Be – Present Simple Tense – Error Analysis


Error analysis worksheets and simple board game to practice TO BE in the present simple tense – Woodward English


To Be – Present Simple Tense – Error analysis worksheets and board game

This activity contains 48 sentences / questions using TO BE in the present simple tense.
Each sentence and question is incorrect.
Students need to write the same sentence (or question) correctly.

Note: Sometimes there may be more than one way to correct each sentence or question:
e.g. “Is the chairs comfortable?” could have two possible correct answers:
1. Is the chair comfortable? OR 2. Are the chairs comfortable?

There are versions of this activity that have the correct answers that the students can use to check their own work.
Remind them that if they have an answer that may be different to one that appears on the answer sheet, that there can sometimes be more than one way to correct the sentence so those responses can be checked with a teacher or fellow student.

Error Analysis – Two Versions

There are two versions of this error analysis activity:

Error Analysis Board Game

This is a simple type of board game where all 48 sentences appear in individual rectangles on the page. At the top left there is a slightly darker rectangle that says START. The final rectangle (also slightly darker) at the bottom of the page says FINISH. GREAT WORK! Arrows show the direction the students need to take from one rectangle to the next.

There are different ways this game can be played. A die (dice) can be used to see how much a student advances around the board. They need to correct the sentence/question that they land on.

Option 1: The students get a point for each sentence/questions they change correctly.
Option 2: Should they change the sentence correctly, they can roll the die (dice) again to continue. If they don’t answer correctly, they return to the START rectangle. I found this fun with adult students.

This game can be played in pairs, as a small group, or individually. When there is more than one person playing, they can take turns after making each correction.

Error Analysis Worksheets

Instead of a board game layout, the sentences (and questions) are listed with numbers next to them.
At the top of each worksheet it says:

Each sentence and question is incorrect.
Write the same sentence (or question) correctly.
Sometimes there is more than one possible answer.

The 48 sentences/questions are divided into two worksheets containing 24 sentences each. Both are numbered 1-24 so that they can be used in any order or the teacher can choose just one of them to use if they like.

CONTENT: This English resource contains 6 Pages:

  • Error Analysis board game – Student version – (1 page)
  • Error Analysis board game – Answer version – (1 page)
  • Error analysis worksheets with 24 sentences – (2 pages)
  • Error analysis worksheets – Answer version – (2 pages)

LEVEL: Beginner (CEFR – A1 Level)
AGE: 10+
Format: .PDF

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