Fun vs. Funny Worksheets


The difference between FUN and FUNNY summary chart and worksheet


ESL Common Mistakes – Fun vs. Funny Summary Chart and Worksheets

CHARTS: There are two versions of the chart. Version 1 explains the difference between Fun and Funny. Version 2 has the same information though includes an extra box that explains how funny can also have the meaning of strange or unusual, as in “This soup tastes funny”. Teachers can use the chart that they find most appropriate.

WORKSHEETS: The first worksheet contains 12 situations where students need to finish the sentence with the appropriate word, either FUN or FUNNY. There is an example of what to do at the top of the worksheet. There is also an answer sheet for teachers which can also be used by students to check their own answers.

In the second worksheet students need to describe four different situations. (1. fun situation 2. funny situation 3. situation that is not fun 4. a situation that is not funny).

CONTENT: This pack contains 5 Pages:

  • Fun vs. Funny Summary Chart – Version 1 – (1 page)
  • Fun vs. Funny Summary Chart – Version 2 – (1 page)
  • Complete the sentences worksheet – (1 page)
  • Describe situations – (1 page)
  • Teacher Answers – (1 page)

LEVEL: Intermediate (CEFR – B1 Level)
AGE: 12+
Format: .PDF


La diferencia entre FUN y FUNNY en inglés.

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