Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards

Did you know that the word STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards?

What does this mean?

You don’t want to be stressed, do you?
Well, to avoid this you have to reverse being stressed.
And what happens when you reverse it?
You come up with desserts.
So, desserts are the solution to being stressed!
In order to reverse your stress, you must eat desserts!
(Crazy logic but there must be some truth in there somewhere)


Stressed (adjective) = under great pressure so that you are tense, anxious and/or worried.
Dessert (noun) = any sweet food eaten at the end of a meal
Backwards (adverb) = in reverse; away from your front
The opposite of Backwards is Forwards.


Did you know that there are two forms of “Spell” in the past tense.
Spelled is used in United States whereas both Spelt and Spelled are used in British/Down Under English with Spelt being much more common.

Also, don’t confuse Dessert (sweet food) with Desert (dry place without water)
Check out the difference in pronunciation here: Desert the dessert in the desert

What is your favorite dessert?



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