GET ACROSS – phrasal verb – meanings and examples

The English phrasal verb GET ACROSS has the following meaning:

1. Get across = to successfully communicate

(transitive) When someone makes their message or point of view clear or understood, usually when other people are having a difficult time understanding that idea or message at the beginning. To make people understand something.

This phrasal verb is frequently used with the following words: facts, feelings, ideas, meaning, message, opinion, point (of view).
You get SOMETHING across … get facts across, get feelings across, get ideas across.. etc.

Example Sentences

  • The teacher finally got her point across that mobile phones were not allowed in class.
  • Sometimes it helps to show images or videos in a presentation to help get your ideas across.
  • I was trying to get across just how much I liked her idea.
  • I think that I got my opinion across quite well.
  • Do you think that it is the right message we want to get across to our customers?

Get across – Summary Chart

GET ACROSS - Meaning and examples of the English Phrasal Verb GET ACROSS

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