LOOK INTO – phrasal verb – meanings and examples

The English phrasal verb LOOK INTO has the following meaning:

1. Look into = to investigate, to research

(transitive) When you don’t have all of the answers or information about something and need to investigate further. To try to discover the facts about something, typically of a problem or situation. Synonyms are examine, explore, or probe.

  • We need to look into the reasons behind why half the class failed the exam.
  • The doctor received the test results but now needs to look into why my cholesterol levels are so high.
  • We’ll look into the problem and contact you when we have more information.
  • I will look into the reasons for the decision.
  • We should look into the possibility of using solar power at our house.

Look into – Summary Chart

LOOK INTO - Meaning and examples of this English Phrasal Verb

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