Shoes and Boots in English

List of Shoes and Boots in English

The following is a list of common types of shoes and boots in English.
For the pronunciation of each type of shoe or boot and what style they are, please see the video above.

  • ballet shoes
  • brogues
  • clogs
  • cowboy boots
  • flats
  • flip flops / thongs In New Zealand they are called jandals.
  • football boots / soccer boots
  • high heels Sometimes they are called high-heeled shoes or just heels.
  • hiking boots
  • knee-high boots
  • loafers
  • moccasins
  • platform shoes: There are also called platform boots
  • rubber boots / Wellington boots: These are also known as Wellingtons or Wellies for short. In some countries they are called gumboots.
  • sandals
  • slippers
  • sneakers / trainers: sneakers (American English) – trainers (British English). Some other names for this type of shoe include runners, running shoes, and tennis shoes.
  • snowshoes
  • stilettos
  • wedges / wedge shoes

For a list of shoes and boots (with a written definition of each one), visit our article on our English vocabulary website: Shoes and Boots in English.

Question for you

What type of shoe are you wearing right now?

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Names of Shoes and Boots in English - Vocabulary

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