Weather Vocabulary in English

See the video above to learn the meaning of each word associated with the weather.

Weather Nouns – Weather Adjectives – Weather Verbs

The + noun = The name of the type of weather.
The rain. – What is the name of this weather? Rain.
It is + adjective = A description of the weather.
It is rainy. – How is the weather? It is rainy.
It is + verb-ing = This type of weather is happening now.
It is raining. What is happening now? It is raining.

The cloud (noun)
It is cloudy (adjective)

The flood (noun)

The fog (noun)
It is foggy (adjective)

The hail (noun)
It is hailing (verb-ing)

The hurricane (noun)

The ice (noun)
It is icy (adjective)

The lightning (noun)

The rain (noun)
It is rainy (adjective)
It is raining (verb-ing)

The rainbow (noun)

The snow (noun)
It is snowy (adjective)
It is snowing (verb-ing)

The storm (noun)
It is stormy (adjective)

The sun (noun)
It is sunny (adjective)

The thunder (noun)
It is thundery (adjective)

The tornado (noun)

The wind (noun)
It is windy (adjective)

+ Temperature Vocabulary +

The heat (noun)
It is hot (adjective)

The warmth (noun)
It is warm (adjective)

The coolness (noun)
It is cool (adjective)

The cold (noun)
It is cold (adjective)

It is freezing (adjective)

Summary Chart

Weather Vocabulary in English - ESOL weather words

List of Weather Vocabulary

cloud cloud
fog foggy
hail hailing
ice icy
rain rainy raining
snow snowy snowing
storm stormy
sun sunny
thunder thundery
wind windy
heat hot
warmth warm
coolness cool
cold cold

Question for you

What is the weather like where you are right now?

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