101 Irregular Verbs – Past Tense in English – Flash Cards / Charts


Flash Cards / Charts featuring 101 Past Tense Irregular Verbs  in English.


Flash Cards / Charts to help students learn irregular verbs in the past tense.

Irregular Verbs Lists
There is a list of all 101 irregular verbs that appear in the large charts. The verb appears in its basic form (base form of the infinitive), its past tense form, and then it appears in an example sentences. The 101 verbs are divided into 3 pages.

The 101 irregular verbs that appear in these charts are:

Be, become, begin, bend, bet, bite, bleed, blow, break, bring, build, buy, catch, choose, come, cost, cut, deal, dig, do, draw, drink, drive, eat, fall, feed, feel, fight, find, fly, forget, forgive, freeze, get, give, go, grow, hang, have, hear, hide, hit, hold, hurt, keep, know, lead, leave, lend, let, light, lose, make, mean, meet, pay, put, quit, read, ride, ring, rise, run, say, see, sell, send, set, shake, shine, shoot, shut, sing, sink, sit, sleep, slide, speak, speed, spend, spin, spread, stand, steal, stick, sting, strike, sweep, swim, swing, take, teach, tear, tell, think, throw, understand, wake, wear, win, write.

There are two versions of these flash cards:

Large Version – 1 verb per page
There is one irregular verb per page. Each verb appears in its basic form (base form of the infinitive), its past tense form, and there is a simple example sentence using that verb in the past tense. There is also a cartoon next to each sentence to help with understanding of the meaning of the verb.

Small Version – 3 verbs per page
These are the same as the larger versions though smaller with 3 irregular verbs on each page. They are surrounded by dotted lines for ease of cutting. Another alternative is to keep all of the verbs together as a mini book.

This resource is appropriate for Common Core Standards: L.2.1d
Form and use the past tense of frequently occurring irregular verbs (e.g., sat, hid, told).

CONTENT: This resource contains 138 Pages:

  • List of Irregular verbs in Present/Past Tense with example sentence – (3 pages)
  • Irregular Verb Charts (three verbs on one page) – (34 pages)
  • Large Irregular Verb Chart (one verb per page) – (101 pages)

LEVEL: Pre-Intermediate (CEFR – A2 Level)
AGE: 8+
Format: .PDF

English Video

I have created a video on YouTube about 101 Irregular Verbs in English. You can watch this free video to have a better idea of the contents of these charts and you can even use it in the classroom if you wish.

This video will give you an idea of the quality of this resource.

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