Question Words in English – Wall Charts Flash Cards


ESL Charts and Flash Cards about Question Words in English – English Teacher Resources


Question Words in English – Wall Charts and Flash Cards

The English question words (Interrogative words) that appear on the main wall chart are: Who? Where? When? Why? What? Which? and How?

Each question word is demonstrated with a cartoon representing that word and includes an example sentence of it in English. Below the set of cartoons is a simple explanation of when to use these question words.

Apart from the main Summary chart, each Question Word is on its own A4 size page (see how they are grouped in the content section below)

These wall charts are perfect for decorating the ESL classroom. You may also want to laminate each cartoon chart and use them as large flashcards. Some teachers also photocopy these and make a booklet for students.

BONUS: (NEW) I have just updated this resource to include 10 extra pages. An additional page for each Question Word which includes a definition and three more example sentences. There are also two pages that explain the meaning of How often, How old, How far, How many, and How much.
See our preview to see the different types of pages included in this resource.

We also have a version of these questions words in SPANISH.

CONTENT: This resource contains 19 Pages:

  • Chart – Question Words – (1 page)
  • Chart – Who? (1 page)
  • Chart – Where?  (1 page)
  • Chart – When?  (1 page)
  • Chart – Why?  (1 page)
  • Chart – What?  (1 page)
  • Chart – Which? (1 page)
  • Chart – How?  (1 page)
  • Chart – Explanation (1 page)
  • Charts with definitions  (7 pages)
  • Chart with Explanation – Version 2 (1 page)
  • BONUS Chart – How often, how old, how far (1 page)
  • BONUS Chart – How much, how many (1 page)

LEVEL: Basic (CEFR – A1 Level)
AGE: All ages
Format: .PDF


Afiches mostrando los interrogativos en inglés: Who? Where? When? Why? What? Which? and How?

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