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Punctuation is Important, especially if the comma is missing from the following: Let's eat Grandma

Let’s eat Grandma

As you can see, punctuation is very important, especially if the comma is missing from the following: Let’s eat, Grandma This is like an invitation to your grandmother saying something like “Hey Grandma, why don’t we have something to eat.” HOWEVER… If you don’t put the comma there, it becomes Let’s eat Grandma Here is […]

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Vocabulary and Game

Today, February 14th is Valentine’s day. We have created a page to help you learn English about Valentine’s Day including: The origin of Valentine’s Day Things you can do on Valentine’s Day Traditional Valentine Gifts We have also created a fun interactive game about Valentine’s Day to test your English Vocabulary and Valentine’s knowledge in […]

The difference between MILLION and MILLIONS in English

Million vs Millions

The difference between Million and Millions Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct? A: New Zealand has a population of over four million people B: New Zealand has a population of over four millions people The first sentence (A) is correct and the second sentence (B) is incorrect. Why?   English students often get […]

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Welcome to Woodward English!

Welcome to Woodward English! Here you can learn English every day with many articles about the English language. Everything from grammar rules, jokes, English idioms to short reading activities. We also have an entire section with ESL resources for English teachers. Remember, we have websites dedicated to English grammar and English vocabulary. You can follow us […]