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Differences between US English and British English

The difference between a hurricane, a typhoon, and a cyclone - English Vocabulary

Hurricane, Typhoon, Cyclone – What is the difference?

  With so much talk about Hurricanes in the news lately with Hurricane Irma causing serious problems in the Caribbean and the State of Florida (U.S.), I thought I would answer this question… What is the difference between a Hurricane, a Typhoon, and a Cyclone? A hurricane, a typhoon, and a cyclone are essentially the […]

May the odds be ever in your favor - Meaning explained

May the odds be ever in your favor

You may have heard the following expression: May the odds be ever in your favor. This is a catchphrase that comes from a series of books (and movies) called The Hunger Games. (catchphrase = a well-known sentence or phrase, typically one that is associated with a particular famous person.) To understand the meaning of this phrase, […]

Icing on the Cake - Meaning of this English Idiom with examples

The icing on the cake – Idiom meaning

First, before we look at the meaning of this idiom, what is icing? Icing = a sugary substance used as coating on cakes or cookies (biscuits) to make them look better or to enhance its flavour. The meaning of Icing on the cake Simple definition: Something that makes a good situation even better or a […]

Different colours in English

Colors – Colours

We have just created a chart of the main colors in English which will be useful for students just beginning to learn English. You can find more about colors here: Colors in English Also discover the difference between Color and Colour as well as between Gray and Grey. You will also find a list of […]

English Idioms and Slang

Nick – Informal British English

Nick – Informal British English The word NICK has different meanings in British English and it is always informal and slang. Below we have included some of its uses: To nick is also an informal way of staying To steal in British English Who nicked my pen? = Who stole my pen? In good nick […]

In the nick of time

In the nick of time = Just in time = almost too late for something, with no time to spare. We arrived at the airport and boarded our plane in the nick of time. I finished the last question in the test in the nick of time nick = a small cut (or piece of […]

Please call a taxi joke

Customer: Hey, barman! Please call me a taxi. Barman: Yes, sir. You are a taxi.   Why is it funny? When the customer asked the barman to call him a taxi he meant for him to telephone a taxi company and order him a taxi to take him home. Instead, the barman took it literally […]

The difference between House and Home in English

House vs Home difference

The difference between HOUSE and HOME Something that confuses people learning English is the difference between HOUSE and HOME A HOUSE is the BUILDING where the majority of people live. It normally has bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and a dining room. A HOME is a PLACE where someone lives. Normally it […]

English Idioms and Slang

To spill the beans

To spill the beans = to confess; reveal a secret, to tell the truth, usually accidentally. To Spill (verb) = to cause something to fall out of a container, such as water from a glass Beans (noun) = the kidney-shaped seeds of certain vegetables such as peas To spill the beans is similar to let […]