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To Be + Age in English. How to say your age in English.

How to say your age in English

I have just created a new chart about how to say your age in English. The reason I created this is because in English we use TO BE for your age and not have as in some other languages. (In Spanish you use tener, In French avoir , in Italian avere, but in English we do not […]

TO BE with Nationality and Country

To Be with Nationality and Country

Here is a new chart for students that have just started learning English. One of the first things you learn (after “my name is…”) is usually saying where you are from. My name is… I am from … Well, here is a simple chart showing the structure of this sentence using TO BE with FROM […]

Was / Were - To Be in Past Tense

Was / Were – To Be in Past Tense

We have a new chart for you: Was and Were – To Be in the past tense We also have this chart about using Was and Were in short answers. You can see more example sentences using Was and Were here: To Be in Past Tense Was / Were Games Try our interactive games to […]

Difference between There, Their and They're

There vs Their vs They’re

Yes, we have just created another article for you. This time it’s about the difference between There, Their and They’re in English. Again, this is a common mistake for native speakers too because the three words are homophones (words that sound the same though are written differently) The chart below should help you though if […]

A cartoon about Your vs You're

Your vs You’re Cartoon

It seems that nowadays people spend more and more time in front of a TV instead of reading. Of course this usually results in people not visually seeing words and learning (or remembering/reinforcing) their correct spelling. It’s also means that their vocabulary is a lot lower than those who read frequently. And this is not […]

English Joke of the Week

Bean Soup Joke in English

The Joke Customer: Waiter, what do you call this soup? Waiter: It’s bean soup, sir. Customer: I don’t care what it’s been. What is it now?       Vocabulary Bean (noun) = a common vegetable To call (verb) = to name Soup = cooked food in a liquid form Been = Past participle of […]