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Differences between US English and British English

Pencil case Vocabulary in English including pen, eraser / rubber, pencil sharpener, pen, highlighter, scissors, glue stick.

Pencil Case – English Vocabulary

Pencil Case Vocabulary in English – 7 things you can find in a pencil case In a pencil case you keep different things you need for writing and working at school or even at an office. Here are 7 things you might find in a pencil case: PENCIL pencil (noun): an instrument used for writing […]

The difference between a hurricane, a typhoon, and a cyclone - English Vocabulary

Hurricane, Typhoon, Cyclone – What is the difference?

With so much talk about Hurricanes in the news lately with Hurricane Irma causing serious problems in the Caribbean and the State of Florida (U.S.), I thought I would answer this question… What is the difference between a Hurricane, a Typhoon, and a Cyclone? A hurricane, a typhoon, and a cyclone are essentially the same […]

May the odds be ever in your favor - Meaning explained

May the odds be ever in your favor

You may have heard the following expression: May the odds be ever in your favor. This is a catchphrase that comes from a series of books (and movies) called The Hunger Games. (catchphrase = a well-known sentence or phrase, typically one that is associated with a particular famous person.) To understand the meaning of this phrase, […]

Icing on the Cake - Meaning of this English idiom with examples

The icing on the cake – Idiom meaning

First, before we look at the meaning of this idiom, what is icing? Icing = a sugary substance used as coating on cakes or cookies (biscuits) to make them look better or to enhance its flavour. The meaning of Icing on the cake Simple definition: Something that makes a good situation even better or a […]

Different colours in English

Colors – Colours

We have just created a chart of the main colors in English which will be useful for students just beginning to learn English. You can find more about colors here: Colors in English. (Includes a newer updated version of this chart). Also discover the difference between Color and Colour as well as between Gray and […]

English Idioms and Slang

Nick – Informal British English

Nick – Informal British English The word NICK has different meanings in British English and it is always informal and slang. Below we have included some of its uses: To nick is also an informal way of staying To steal in British English Who nicked my pen? = Who stole my pen? In good nick […]

Woodward English Quote

Einstein quote about Education

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. – Albert Einstein VOCABULARY To remain (verb) = to stay behind To forget (verb) = to not remember Remember that there are two ways of writing the past tense and past participle of the verb To Learn: Learnt (UK) and Learned […]

English Idioms and Slang

In the nick of time

In the nick of time = Just in time = almost too late for something, with no time to spare. We arrived at the airport and boarded our plane in the nick of time. I finished the last question in the test in the nick of time nick = a small cut (or piece of […]

English Joke of the Week

Please call a taxi joke

Customer: Hey, barman! Please call me a taxi. Barman: Yes, sir. You are a taxi.   Why is it funny? When the customer asked the barman to call him a taxi he meant for him to telephone a taxi company and order him a taxi to take him home. Instead, the barman took it literally […]