ED Pronunciation – English Task Cards


ESL Task Cards to help learn the pronunciation of ED at the end of words in English.


Pronunciation of -ED in English – ESL Task Cards

The objective of these tasks cards is learn the sounds of ED at the end of verbs in English.

Each task card says: How do you pronounce -ED at the end of the following verb? Followed by a verb ending in -ED. Below the verb are three alternatives: a) /id/ b) /t/ c) /d/.
Students need to write the correct alternative on their answer sheet.

The 32 verbs included in these task cards are: added, agreed, amazed, changed, chased, closed, danced, fixed, folded, followed, helped, laughed, lived, needed, offered, passed, provided, pushed, reached, rubbed, screamed, smiled, sniffed, started, stayed, stopped, tried, turned, visited, voted, waited, worked.

A teacher answer key has been created which can also be used by students to check their own work. This makes it ideal as a literary center activity.

This resource is ideal for teenage or adult ESL/ELL students to help them sound more like a native speaker when it comes to saying words that end in ED (accent reduction).

I have created a pronunciation video on YouTube about this topic: ED pronunciation in English – How to pronounce ED endings (Suitable for the classroom).

CONTENT: This resource contains 10 Pages:

  • Pronunciation of ED – Task cards – (8 pages)
  • Pronunciation of ED – Student Answer Sheet – (1 page)
  • Pronunciation of ED – Teacher Answers – (1 page)

LEVEL: Intermediate (CEFR – B1 Level)
AGE: 10+
Format: .PDF

Tarjetas de selección múltiple (u opción múltiple) para aprender la pronunciación de palabras que terminan con ED en inglés.

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