To, Too, Two – Homophones Charts


Charts that explain the difference between TO, TOO and TWO in English.

Frequently Confused Words in English – ELA / ESL Resource.


Frequently Confused Words – TO, TOO and TWO – Explanation Charts

Charts to explain the difference between TO, TOO and TWO in English.

The first chart is a summary of these homophones. The rest of the charts highlight the individual meaning or use of each of these words.

These charts appear in our video on YouTube about this topic: To vs. Too vs. Two (Suitable for the classroom). Once the video has been seen, students can each have a copy of the different slides/charts for their own reference.

You may also be interested in our To vs. Too vs. Two Task Cards.

CONTENT: This pack contains 11 Pages:

  • To Too Two – Summary Chart – (1 page)
  • To – direction – (1 page)
  • To – end point – (1 page)
  • To – receiving – (1 page)
  • To – change of state – (1 page)
  • To – part of infinitive – (1 page)
  • Too – before adjective/adverb – (1 page)
  • Too – with much/many – (1 page)
  • Too – also/in addition/as well – (1 page)
  • Two – number – (1 page)
  • To Too Two in one sentence – (1 page)

LEVEL: Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate (CEFR – B1 Level) – Or Grade 4+
AGE: 9+
Format: .PDF

This resource addresses Common Core Standard L.4.1.G *

Correctly use frequently confused words (e.g., to, too, two; there, their).


Afiches que explican la diferencia entre TO, TOO y TOO en inglés.

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