Subject Pronouns in English – Chart – Flash Cards


ESL Wall Chart and Flash Cards about Subject Pronouns in English – English Teacher Resources


Subject Pronouns in English – Wall Charts / Flash Cards

The English Subject Pronouns that appear on the main wall chart are: I, we, you (singular), you (plural), he, she, it, they.

Each Subject Pronoun is demonstrated with a cartoon representing that word.

BONUS: Each Subject Pronoun is on its own A4 size page

These wall charts are perfect for decorating the ESL/EFL classroom. You may also want to laminate each cartoon chart and use them as large flashcards. Some teachers also photocopy these and make a booklet for students.

Permission to use these charts is only for individual classrooms use.

We also have a similar chart with Spanish Subject Pronouns.

CONTENT: This pack contains 10 Pages:

  • Chart – Subject Pronouns Chart – (1 page)
  • Chart – Title – Subject Pronouns – (1 page)
  • Chart – I – (1 page)
  • Chart – WE – (1 page)
  • Chart – YOU – singular – (1 page)
  • Chart – YOU – plural – (1 page)
  • Chart – HE – (1 page)
  • Chart – SHE – (1 page)
  • Chart – IT – (1 page)
  • Chart – THEY (1 page)

LEVEL: Basic (CEFR – A1 Level)
AGE: All ages
Format: .PDF


Un afiche mostrando los pronombres personales en inglés


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