Bathtime Phrases | English Speaking Practice

Bathtime Phrases | English Speaking Practice

Learn 55 English phrases that can be used during bathtime or shower time.

✅ Do you want to improve your English speaking skills? ✅

Join Rob Woodward as he teaches you common phrases used in English conversations and daily life so that YOU can speak English fluently.
In this lesson, you will improve your English speaking skills and listening skills at the same time by learning 55 English phrases about bathtime and shower time. These are common phrases in English for daily life as a part of the evening routine, especially ones said by parents to their children.

Note: There are two ways of writing this word… BATHTIME (one word) and BATH TIME (two words). We have used the first one.

The English phrases in this lesson are about both bathtime AND shower time.

Some examples of the English phrases in this lesson include:

  • Would you like some bubbles in it?
  • Is the water warm enough?
  • Go to the toilet before you get in the tub.
  • Time to get out of the shower.
  • Did you hang your towel back up on the rack?
  • You smell so good!
  • and 50 more phrases you need to know!

🔥 How to improve your English speaking skills 🔥

1. Repeat each phrase after me.
– Try to say each phrase the same way I say it.
– Copy the way I say the words together at the same speed.
2. Repeat the lesson again the next day until you naturally sound the same as me.

This is a great way to practice your English pronunciation and improve your listening skills.

REAL human voice – Not a computer voice

Rob Woodward (an English teacher from New Zealand) appears on the screen saying each phrase. This is to show each lesson is spoken by a REAL PERSON, a native English speaker and not a computerized robotic unnatural AI voice.

Bathtime / Bath time phrases and sentences - Learn English Speaking with Woodward English

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