By Leaps and Bounds – English Idiom

What does the idiom “By leaps and bounds” mean?

It is used to describe rapid or significant progress or improvement in something.

It emphasizes the speed and magnitude of the progress.

When something is progressing by leaps and bounds, it means that it is advancing quickly and in large amounts.

This idiom often implies that the progress is remarkable or impressive.

Example Sentences with By leaps and bounds

Here are our examples:

  • Since she started practicing the piano every day, her skills have improved by leaps and bounds.
  • The company’s profits have been growing by leaps and bounds since they introduced their new product.
  • With his new diet and exercise regimen, his fitness levels have increased by leaps and bounds.
  • The technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, making it difficult to keep up.

The idiom can be used for positive or negative progress.

For example, you could say “The cost of living is rising by leaps and bounds.” It is a negative thing but the idiom emphasizes the magnitude of the increase.

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By leaps and bounds - English idiom meaning with example sentences by Woodward English
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