Take for granted – Idiom meaning and examples


English Idiom – Take for granted

The English Idiom TAKE FOR GRANTED has the following meanings:

1. Take for granted = to fail to appreciate (something/someone)

To take (something/someone) for granted means to NOT appreciate something/someone as you should, as you believe it will always stay the same or be available.
To give little attention to or to underestimate the value of something or someone, especially once it has gone.
To treat something/someone in a careless or indifferent manner without considering its true value.

  • He doesn’t appreciate how lucky he is to have his job. He just takes it for granted.
  • It was only when she left that he realized that he had taken her for granted.
  • For centuries, humans have taken the planet’s natural resources for granted without even thinking that one day they could run out.
  • A lot of people take the internet for granted … until they no longer have it.

2. Take for granted = assume something as true

When a person assumes that something is true without even questioning it or knowing if it is true or not.

  • I’m sorry I forgot to invite you to my celebration. I took it for granted that you would come.
  • He took it for granted that he would easily find a job once he had finished university.

Take for granted - English Idiom meaning and example sentences

Word Order

You may have noticed that this English idiom needs an object and this is positioned in the middle of the idiom.

  • Take SOMETHING for granted.
  • Take SOMEONE for granted.

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Practice – Use this idiom

Right now I want you to think about your life and if you are currently taking something for granted.
Is there something you should appreciate more and not be taking for granted?
Have you ever taken something for granted in the past?

If you have been (or currently are) in lockdown, what is something you realized you had taken for granted before lockdown?

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