Sweet tooth – To have a sweet tooth – English Idiom

To have a sweet tooth – meaning

If you have a sweet tooth, it means you like eating things that are sugary or taste sweet.
To always have a desire to eat candy, chocolate and other sweet food.

In the Netflix series called “Sweet Tooth”, the main protagonist (Gus) loves to sweet things such as candy and chocolate, hence his nickname.

Example sentences with Sweet Tooth

  • If you have a sweet tooth, then you will want to go to our chocolate festival.
  • I have a sweet tooth. I can’t resist a piece of cake when it is offered to me.
  • She wants to know how to lose weight even though she has a sweet tooth.
  • I’m sure George has a sweet tooth because I always see him snacking on something sugary.

Have you got a sweet tooth?
= Do you have a sweet tooth?

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Sweet tooth - Meaning and example sentences of the English idiom To have a sweet tooth

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