Seasons Vocabulary in English

The seasons in English

There are four seasons. The names of the seasons in English are:

  • winter
  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn … or… fall.

Fall is used in American English
Autumn is used in British English
The letter N at the end of autumn is NOT pronounced.

The names of seasons do NOT start with a capital letter in English unless it appears as the first word of a sentence.

The names of the seasons in English - ESOL Vocabulary

Typical vocabulary associated with each season

Here is a list of typical things associated with each season:
winter: cold days, snow, rain, umbrella, gloves, scarf, skiing, hot drinks
spring: warm days, flowers, butterflies, nests, rainbows, gardening, allergies, baby animals
summer: hot days, beach, vacation, camping, ice cream, sunglasses, sunscreen, swimming pool
autumn / fall: cool days, leaves fall, wind, harvest, rake, acorns, clouds, pumpkins

Seasons - English Vocabulary associated with the four seasons

IN + Season

We use the preposition IN before a season.

  • People go to the beach in summer.
  • It rains a lot in winter.
  • There are many flowers in spring.
  • Leaves fall from the trees in autumn.

When are the seasons?

It depends on where you live.
Our planet Earth is divided into hemispheres.
There is the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere

Northern Hemisphere – December, January, February
Southern Hemisphere – June, July, August

Northern Hemisphere – March, April, May
Southern Hemisphere – September, October, November

Northern Hemisphere – June, July, August
Southern Hemisphere – December, January, February

Northern Hemisphere – September, October, November
Southern Hemisphere – March, April, May

Seasons in English - winter, spring, summer, autumn - fall

Answer these questions

What season is it now?
It is …

What is your favorite season? Why?
My favorite season is _____ because _____.

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