Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening, Good night

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Parts of the Day in English

day = when the sun is in the sky
night = when the sun is NOT in the sky
sunrise = when the sun first appears in the morning
sunset = when the sun disappears at the end of the day

midday = noon = 12 in the day
midnight = 12 at night

morning = before 12 (midday)
afternoon = 12 (midday) until sunset
evening = sunset until you go to bed (or 10pm/11pm).
night = when there is no sun and it is dark

Greetings in English

Three common greetings used in English are:

  • Good morning (used until midday/noon)
  • Good afternoon (from midday/noon until sunset)
  • Good evening (from sunset)

Good night is NOT used as a greeting.
Good night is only used when you leave a place, when you say goodbye to someone, or when someone goes to bed.

Other ways of greeting in English

Hi = Hello
Hi is informal.

Hi and hello can be used at any hour of the day.

Good morning –> if you wake up very early in the morning and it is still dark.


Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night - Greetings in English


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