What’s your address?

What’s your address? – Basic English Lesson

23 Main Street

This is an address.
The address is 23 Main Street.

In English an address has a number (for example 23)
(This number is normally on the letterbox.)

Next is the name of the street.
(The name is on a street sign.)

This street is called Main Street.

Street Abbreviations

A street sign normally has an abbreviation.
An abbreviation is a short form of a word.

The abbreviation ST is used to represent STREET.

There are different types of streets.
The most common types of streets and their abbreviations are:

ST is for STREET … 23 Main Street
RD is for ROAD … 23 Main Road
AVE is for AVENUE … 23 Main Avenue
DR is for DRIVE … 23 Main Drive
PL is for PLACE … 23 Main Place

ST / St. = Street
RD / Rd. = Road
AVE / Ave. = Avenue
DR / Dr. = Drive
PL / Pl. = Place

There are more types of streets. You will see this in another lesson.

So, the order is: Number + Name + Type of Street

  • 23 Main Street

The Question

Now, the question to obtain this information is:

What is your address? … OR …
What’s your address?

The contraction of WHAT IS … is… WHAT’S

The answer…

  • My address is … (21 Jump Street)
  • It is … (21 Jump Street)
  • It’s … (21 Jump Street)

The contraction of IT IS … is … IT’S

For example:

Person A: What’s your address?
Person B: It’s 29 Queen Street.

Person A: What’s your address?
Person B: It’s 92 King Road.

What's your address? Basic English lesson by Woodward English

Now look at this address:

  • 432 Woodward Avenue

How do we say the number?

We say:
432 four thirty-two … OR …
432 four three two
DO NOT SAY: four hundred and thirty-two (NOT correct)

Person A: What’s your address?
Person B: My address is four thirty-two Woodward Avenue.

Look at this address:

  • 1264 Long Street.

A long number is normally divided into two parts:

The first two numbers + the last two numbers

The first number is twelve.
The last number is sixty-four.

We say:
Twelve sixty-four ….

  • The address is Twelve sixty-four Long Street

OR… the numbers can be said individually: one two six four

One two six four Long Street.

  • The address is one two six four Long Street

Both are correct.

BUT… We do NOT say: one thousand two hundred and sixty-four. No, this is NOT correct.

What's your address? How to say the numbers of an address in English.

Let’s practice. Say these addresses:

  • What’s your address? It’s 89 High Road.
  • What’s your address? It’s 765 Market Street.
  • What’s your address? It’s 2491 Grand Avenue.
  • What’s your address? It’s 1550 Scenic Drive.
  • What’s your address? It’s 13 Oceanview Place.

What’s your address?

I hope you found this lesson about basic addresses in English useful.
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