To Be with Country and Nationality

Brazil is a country.
A person from Brazil is … Brazilian.
Brazilian is a nationality.

France is a country.
A person from France is … French.
French is a nationality.

Japan is a country.
A person from Japan is … Japanese.
Japanese is a nationality.

Spain is a country.
A person from Spain is … Spanish.
Spanish is a nationality.

To Be + From + Country

For a complete sentence we use: To Be + From + Country
For example:

  • I am from Australia.

FROM is necessary with a COUNTRY!

  • I am from Australia.
  • You are from Mexico.
  • He is from India.
  • She is from China.
  • We are from Chile.
  • They are from Germany.

And you?
Where are YOU from?
I am from … (country)

Remember: Use FROM + Country
BUT it is different with a NATIONALITY.

To Be + Nationality

  • I am Australian. ✅ (CORRECT)
  • I am from Australian. ❌ (NOT CORRECT)

We do NOT use “FROM” with NATIONALITY.

More example sentences with nationalities:

  • I am Australian.
  • You are Mexican.
  • He is Indian.
  • She is Chinese.
  • We are Chilean.
  • They are German.

Compare sentences with country and nationality next to each other:

Be + From + Country // Be + Nationality - English Examples

Look at these example sentences:

Brazil – Brazilian

  • He is from Brazil.
  • He is Brazilian.
  • She is from Brazil.
  • She is Brazilian.
  • Brazil is the country.
  • Brazilian is the nationality.
  • They are from Brazil.
  • They are Brazilian.

France – French

  • He is from France.
  • He is French.
  • She is from France.
  • She is French.
  • France is the country.
  • French is the nationality.
  • They are from France.
  • They are French.

Brazil country - Brazilian nationality France country - French nationality - English lesson

Japan – Japanese

  • He is from Japan.
  • He is Japanese.
  • She is from Japan.
  • She is Japanese.
  • Japan is the country.
  • Japanese is the nationality.
  • They are from Japan.
  • They are Japanese.

Spain – Spanish

  • He is from Spain.
  • He is Spanish.
  • She is from Spain.
  • She is Spanish.
  • Spain is the country.
  • Spanish is the nationality.
  • They are from Spain.
  • They are Spanish.

Japan country - Japanese nationality Spain country - Spanish nationality - English lesson

Where are YOU from?

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