To Be + Age

To Be + Age

To say your age in English you use TO BE:

To Be + number + years old

  • I am 21 years old.
  • You are 13 years old.
  • He is 42 years old.
  • She is 38 years old.
  • John is 69 years old.
  • Susan is 27 years old.

The years old part is optional.

You can say:

  • I am 18 years old. OR
  • I am 18.

Both are correct. But you always have years + old together. Never years alone.

  • I am 27. — Correct
  • I am 27 years. — INCORRECT
  • I am 27 years old. — Correct

You are also write the number as words.

  • I am 15 years old. — Correct
  • I am fifteen years old. — Correct

With babies you can use months instead of years.

  • The baby is 3 months old.
  • She is 7 months old.

YES… we need to use old after months (= months + old)

To Be … Not To Have

In English we use TO BE for your age and not have as in some other languages.

(In Spanish you use tener, In French avoir , in Italian avere, but in English we do not use have, we use to be.)

  • I have 40. — INCORRECT
  • I have 40 years. — INCORRECT
  • I have 40 years old. — INCORRECT
  • I am 40 years old. — Correct

The Question

To ask the age of someone you ask…

  • How old are you?

(This is the most common way)

Or if it is another person…

How old + is + person?

  • How old is she?
  • How old is Phillip?

More examples

  • How old are you? – I am twenty years old
  • How old is he? – He is 50.
  • How old is Angelica? – She is 22 years old.
  • How old is your baby? – He is 5 months old.

To Be + Age Summary Chart

To Be + Age in English. How to say your age in English.

How old are you?

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