To be + from + (city / country)


To be + from + city
To be + from + country

City (is singular) – one city
Cities (is plural) – two or more cities

Examples of cities: London, New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Cape Town, Cairo

  • London is a city.
  • New York is a city.
  • Tokyo is a city.
  • Sydney is a city.
  • Cape Town is a city.
  • Cairo is a city.

In English we use:
To Be + from + city

  • I am from London.
  • You are from Paris.
  • He is from Istanbul.
  • She is from Tokyo.
  • We are from Sydney.
  • They are from New York.

Rome is a city.
Rome is in Italy.
Italy is a country.

Country (is singular) – one country
Countries (is plural) – two or more countries

City - Cities - Country - Countries - Basic English Lesson

Examples of countries: Australia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Greece, China, Russia, Mexico, Finland

  • Australia is a country.
  • Brazil is a country.
  • Ethiopia is a country.
  • Greece is a country.
  • China is a country.
  • Russia is a country.
  • Mexico is a country.

Cities and Countries in English - Examples
In English we use:
To Be + from + country

  • I am from New Zealand
  • You are from Argentina
  • He is from Portugal
  • She is from Thailand
  • We are from Germany
  • They are from Peru

Question – Where are you from?

The question:
Where are you from?

The answer:
To Be + From + City
… or …
To Be + From + country

  • I am from Auckland …. or …
  • I am from New Zealand. … or …
  • I am from Auckland, New Zealand.

Auckland is the city. New Zealand is the country.

Answer this question:
Where are you from?

I am from (city)
I am from (country)

Summary Chart – To Be + From

To be from city - To be from country - Basic English Lesson

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