TAKE DOWN – phrasal verb – meanings and examples

The English phrasal verb TAKE DOWN has the following meanings:

1. Take down = to make notes or write something down

(transitive) When you are listening to a person or looking at something and you make notes so that you remember it later. Synonyms are record or transcribe.

  • The employer took down notes during the interview.
  • This will be on the exam. Make sure you take it down.
  • Were you able to take down the license plate of the car that hit you?

2. Take down = to remove

(transitive) When you remove or dismantle something, often something that has been hanging up. Synonyms are disassemble or bring down.

  • That poster is hideous. Can you please take it down?
  • I need to take down the Christmas lights.
  • When do you take down your Halloween decorations?

3. Take down = to bring something from a higher position to a lower one.

(transitive – informal) to bring something from a higher position to a lower position. This can include lowering an item of clothing (such as pants or skirts) below the waist but without fully removing them. They often are left around the ankles.

  • Can you take the book down from the top shelf and leave it on my desk please?
  • The nurse told me to take down my trousers so she could give me the injection.
  • The mother took down her baby’s pants in order to change the diapers.

4. Take (someone) down = to defeat someone.

(transitive – informal) to defeat or kill someone or to stop someone from causing harm.

  • The soldier was taken down by a rogue bullet.
  • The mother took down the baby’s pants in order to change the diapers.
  • Their team was taken down in the final game.
  • The wrestler said he was about to take his opponent down.

Take down – Summary Chart

TAKE DOWN - Meanings and examples of this English Phrasal Verb

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