TAKE OVER – phrasal verb – meanings and examples

The English phrasal verb TAKE OVER has the following meanings:

1. Take over = to begin control control

(transitive) When someone begins to have control of something and is in charge of responsibilities, people, or duties. To begin to do something that someone else was doing.

  • The leader of my group left, so I decided to take over.
  • I have decided to take over the business now that my father has retired.
  • You look sick, you should go home. Don’t worry, I’ll take over for you.
  • The company was taken over by an experienced businessman.

2. Take over = to buy out the ownership of a company

(transitive) When one company buys the majority of shares in another company in order to control it

  • Our company has been taken over by a British conglomerate.
  • They tried to take over their main competitor to have less competition in the market.

3. Take over = to conquer

(transitive) Take over can also mean conquer, especially in historical situations (a king taking over another country).

  • Gibraltar was taken over by a Castilian force in August 1462.
  • The government was taken over by the rebel forces.

Take over – Summary Chart

TAKE OVER - Meanings and examples of this English Phrasal Verb

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