TAKE TO – phrasal verb – meanings and examples

The English phrasal verb TAKE TO has the following meanings:

1. Take to = to make a new habit of something

(transitive) When someone does something in the same manner often, usually because they enjoy doing it.

Notice how the verb after take to is in the gerund form (= verb-ing)

  • My cat has taken to sleeping on the kitchen counter.
  • I have taken to wearing the color yellow on Fridays.
  • Caleb has really taken to gardening, hasn’t he?

2. Take to = to develop an ability for something

(transitive) to adapt to something or develop a new ability for something.

Notice that when there is a verb after take to, it is in the gerund form (= verb-ing)

  • She took to swimming very quickly.
  • Even though he had never played an instrument before, he took to the piano with ease.

3. Take to = to move towards or go from a place

(transitive – informal) to move towards something or leave a place, sometimes because of danger or to escape

  • The birds took to the air before the cat reached them.
  • The passengers took to the lifeboats when the crew said the ship was sinking.

Take to – Summary Chart

TAKE TO - Meanings and examples of this English Phrasal Verb

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