TAKE FOR – phrasal verb – meanings and examples

The English phrasal verb TAKE FOR has the following meaning:

1. Take for = to consider; to regard

(transitive) When you regard someone or something in a certain way, either correctly or mistakenly. You suppose that someone is a certain way, though usually wrongly.

  • Don’t take silence for anger.
  • My mother looks young; people often take her for my sister.
  • Do you take me for a fool?
  • Sorry, I took you for someone else.

Idiom – Take for granted

(transitive) To take for granted means to give little attention to or to underestimate the value of something or someone. The person fails to appreciate something/someone, especially as a result of overfamiliarity.

  • He doesn’t appreciate how lucky he is to have his job. He just takes it for granted.
  • It was only when she left that he realized that he had taken her for granted.

Take for – Summary Chart

TAKE TO - Meanings and examples of this English Phrasal Verb as well as the meaning of TAKE FOR GRANTED.

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