English Conversation

English Conversation Lessons

In these free English lessons, you will learn vocabulary and expressions that will help you to express yourself well during conversations in English. Each lesson is about a specific conversation question.

Practice English LIVE on YouTube
Each lesson is accompanied by a LIVE English conversation / chat on YouTube.
If a lesson doesn’t currently have a video, it is because this question will be coming up in the near future, so come and join us LIVE. Subscribe to Woodward English on YouTube so you will notified when I go LIVE and so you can practice your English for free with me.

There are currently three sets of English Conversation Questions.

  • Set 1 – English Conversation Starters – Personal Information
  • Set 2 – Have you ever…? Questions
  • Set 3 – English Debate Questions

English Teacher Resources

Sets of flashcards with these questions are available for use in English classes.

English Conversation Starters - Personal Information Flash Cards Have you ever... ? Questions - English Conversation Cards English debate questions - 50 topics to get students to give their opinions


English Conversation Questions 1-9


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