This, That, These, Those - Demonstratives in English

This That These Those

We have a NEW English Grammar chart for you. This time we show you the difference between This, That, These, Those (These words are called Demonstratives in English) You can find more information about these words here: This, That, These, Those – English Grammar Notes And here are a couple of games to practice the […]

Question Tags in English

Questions Tags

You know what Questions Tags are, don’t you? If not, I’m sure you have heard them before, haven’t you? Question tags are those short questions that are sometimes added to the end of a sentence when you want someone to agree (or disagree) with you or when you are not sure about something and you […]

The difference between Meet and Get together in English

Meet vs. Get together

The difference between Meet and Get together It’s Friday night and you have plans to have a drink with your friends. So what expression do we use in English to explain that you will join with your friends at the bar at 10pm? A. I will meet my friends at the bar. B. I will […]

The difference between Every day and All day in English

All day vs. Every day vs. Everyday

We have new charts for you covering two common mistakes in English. The first chart explains when to use Every day instead of All day. The second chart explains the difference between Every day (two words) and Everyday (one word). Don’t worry, this is also a common mistake for native speakers of English NOTE: They […]