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Learn English with our English language courses for beginners to advanced level students.

Free English Courses by Woodward English

Free English Courses

Including General English, IELTS, Phrasal Verbs, English Idioms and Science lessons.

English Teacher Resources by Woodward English

Teacher Resources

Worksheets, Task Cards, Flash Cards, Lesson Plans and our printable Summary Charts.

25 years of Excellence - Woodward English

25 Years of Excellence

Woodward Education has been teaching languages around the world since 1997.

Woodward English Courses

Woodward English Courses

General English

118 lessons

Woodward English has created this free online English course that is open to anyone around the world. This course helps you learn English from a Basic level to an Advanced level.

Phrasal Verbs

33 lessons

Our free phrasal verb course helps ESOL students learn the meaning and uses of phrasal verbs in English. This course is ideal for students at an intermediate or advanced level of English.

IELTS Preparation Course by Woodward English

IELTS Preparation

11 lessons

Are you planning to take the IELTS exam to study abroad? Do you need to take the IELTS exam for immigration purposes? Our free IELTS preparation course will help you achieve your goals.

Curso de inglés gratis - Aprende inglés desde cero con Woodward English

Curso de Inglés

5 Lecciones

Nuestro curso de inglés gratis. Aprende inglés desde cero con explicaciones en español por Rob de Woodward English. Una nueva lección cada semana.

English Speaking Course - Learn how to speak fluently with Woodward English

English Speaking Course

14 Lessons

Do you want to improve your English speaking skills? Join Rob W. as he teaches you common phrases used in English conversations and daily life so that YOU can speak English fluently.

English Reading Course - Learn English through stories and Improve your reading skills with Woodward English

English Reading Course


Do you want to improve your English reading skills? In this course we have articles, texts, stories and fun activities to help you improve your English reading skills.

Science lessons in English by Woodward English

Basic Science Lessons

2 lessons

This free course covers topics taught in Science classes at an English-speaking school and will be useful both for native speakers and non-native speakers of English (ESOL students).

English Idioms Course by Woodward English

English Idioms

5 Lessons

Our free English Idioms course helps ESL / ESOL students learn the meaning and uses of common idioms in English. This course is ideal for students at an intermediate or advanced level of English.

English Conversation Course with Questions by Woodward English

English Conversation

17 lessons

In these free lessons, you will learn vocabulary and expressions that will help you to express yourself well during conversations in English. Each lesson is about a specific conversation question.

English Teacher Resources

English Teacher Resources


Large variety of resources for English teachers

Includes: Lesson plans, English grammar / vocabulary worksheets, flash cards, task cards, PowerPoint presentations, 5-minute fillers, classroom signs, word searches, crosswords, our famous English summary charts, and games / activities that allow students to become actively engaged in their learning. 


Used in over 45,000 classrooms around the world

Our English resources have been used in over 45,000 classrooms around the world. They can be purchased and downloaded via the trusted Teachers Pay Teachers website.


Save time doing lesson preparation

We know teachers spend hours every week outside the classroom preparing for their lessons. Our photocopiable resources will save you precious time as they are ready to be printed and used in the classroom.


Help me to help others

Purchasing any of our teacher resources allows me to continue creating more free English language resources for students on YouTube and other social media.

English resources for teachers and students - ESL - ESOL - Woodward English
Learn English on YouTube with Woodward English - Hundreds of FREE English lessons

Learn English on YouTube

You can learn English at home or your workplace via our popular YouTube channel with over 895,000 subscribers and 74 million views. You don’t need to travel across town to go to a physical building, you can take our lessons from anywhere where there is an internet connection. Includes LIVE lessons every month with Rob Woodward.

We also have a YouTube channel for Spanish speakers learning English. (Woodward English en español)

Our English Learning Websites

English grammar lessons by Woodward English

English Grammar


English grammar lessons from basic English to advanced English. Includes our famous summary charts and our popular English grammar games.

English vocabulary lessons by Woodward English

English Vocabulary


English vocabulary resources including vocabulary lists on a large range of topics (with our summary charts) and our online English vocabulary games.

Free English Course - Free English lessons by Woodward English

Woodward English


We have courses for English language learners and printable resources for English teachers. We have articles about the English language and teacher tips.

20 Expressions with GET

20 Expressions with GET

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbiHRwAyv38 A LIVE English lesson about GET. The word GET is used A LOT in English and in this live lesson we are going to learn 20 common expressions with GET including what they mean (their definitions) and example sentences. The uses...

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Aprender Inglés – Learn English for Spanish Speakers

Aprender Inglés – Learn English for Spanish Speakers

Learn English for Spanish speakers My wife and I have been planning and working on many things behind the scenes over the last months. This is one of them... 🔴 Woodward English en español 🔴 (Woodward English in Spanish) We have created this NEW YouTube...

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Queen Elizabeth II – English Conversation & Facts

Queen Elizabeth II – English Conversation & Facts

On Friday morning (in New Zealand) I woke up to the news that Queen Elizabeth II had died at age 96. This was a total shock to me and I'm sure it was for so many others. That day, I decided to change the LIVE English lesson that I had planned for an open conversation...

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Inglés Básico – El verbo TO BE explicado en español

Inglés Básico – El verbo TO BE explicado en español

 En esta lección de inglés EN VIVO por YouTube, vamos a ver el famoso verbo TO BE. 🛑 Sí, YA SÉ que te han enseñando esta lección miles de veces en los colegios, en institutos y en línea PERO hoy va a ser diferente. Rob Woodward (de Nueva Zelanda) te va a...

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How to IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH by reading

How to IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH by reading

 How can you improve your English by reading? Do you need to improve your English? How can reading help you on your language learning journey? This week we have a LIVE English lesson on YouTube to answer these questions with our special guest: DELA MARTIN. Both Rob...

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Woodward english

Who are we?

Rob Woodward discovered his passion for teaching English in 1997.

In 2002 Rob and his wife Angélica started a language school in Santiago, Chile and had thousands of students including diplomats, politicians, international CEOs and local TV stars.

We created material for our students and published them online. Other teachers and schools began using our material and Woodward English became very well-known online for its free charts and lessons. We then decided to dedicate our time and knowledge to helping as many people learn the English language online.

Now we are based in New Zealand and continue to help the world learn English. 

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Learn Other Languages

Free Spanish Lessons

Learn Spanish with our free Spanish lessons. We have an entire website dedicated to learning and teaching the Spanish language. ELE = Español como Lengua Extranjera – Spanish as a foreign language.

Learn Languages

Free language lessons to learn French, Italian, Māori, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic and other languages.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your English courses cost?

Our English courses and lessons on this website are free for you to learn and I intend to keep it that way.

Why are Woodward English courses free?

We truly want to help as many people as possible to learn English for free.
In many countries, learning a language can be prohibitively expensive or sometimes just not available at all. There are many people that would like to improve their current circumstances though due to financial restraints, they cannot.
I have seen parents who would like to give their children a better future though cannot pay for English lessons at a language school or with private teachers. I have seen young adults with a lot of potential that don’t have the time to take English lessons on top of what they are already studying.

That is where I would like to help and why I have created these free English courses. They can be used alone as a self-study tool or alongside another course you may be doing. Teachers can also benefit by having their students complete parts of these courses at home and then using the language in the classroom (thinking of flipped classrooms here).

However you use our courses, I hope you benefit from what we have created.

How is Woodward English financed?

We have advertisements on our websites that give us a small amount of income (please don’t use your ad-blockers). Some teachers and parents purchase our Printable Language Resources in PDF form which helps us a lot. Some students are members of the paid section of Woodward English on YouTube which also helps a lot. At the moment these cover the costs of hosting though there are other expenses that need to be covered like the (expensive) yearly license for Adobe products (I use Abode Illustrator to create the charts and Adobe After Effects for the videos) and we use dedicated servers due to the number of people (approx. 3 million every month) that visit our websites.

If you appreciate our work, please support us my purchasing our resources or becoming members of our YouTube channel.

Why aren't there more lessons?

Woodward English is not a big company with many people. It is just my wife and I doing what we can when we have time.

If there are any teachers that would like to volunteer some time or contribute material to our free courses, we would really, really appreciate it. Please send me a message via Twitter or Instagram if you are able to help in any way.

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