Free Time Activities in English

List of Free Time Activities in English

(You can hear the pronunciation of each free time activity in the video)

  • I watch TV
  • I listen to music
  • I paint
  • I draw
  • I dance
  • I fly a kite
  • I take photos
  • I spend time with my family
  • I take a nap
  • I write stories
  • I read a book
  • I read the newspaper
  • I read magazines
  • I read comics
  • I read news online
  • I watch videos online
  • I surf the internet
  • I check my social media accounts
  • I send messages to my friends
  • I chat with my friends
  • I play cards
  • I play dominoes
  • I play scrabble
  • I play with my dolls
  • I play with my toys

Free time activities in English

  • I play with a frisbee
  • I play hopscotch
  • I play rock, paper, scissors
  • I play on a swing
  • I play with my dog
  • I go to the movies / I go to the cinema
  • I go to a museum
  • I go to the gym
  • I go to the park
  • I go to the beach
  • I go to a café
  • I go to the library
  • I go to the zoo
  • I go to an amusement park
  • I go for a walk
  • I go shopping
  • I go fishing
  • I go swimming
  • I go skateboarding
  • I go hiking
  • I go tenpin bowling
  • I go camping
  • I go skiing
  • I go scuba diving
  • I go rafting

English free time activities

  • I play sport / I do sport
  • I play tennis
  • I play soccer / I play football
  • I play cricket
  • I play basketball
  • I play chess
  • I play video games
  • I play with friends
  • I play board games
  • I play darts
  • I play in a band
  • I play the piano
  • I play the guitar
  • I play the drums
  • I play the trumpet
  • I play the flute
  • I play a musical instrument
  • I sing
  • I sing karaoke
  • I whistle
  • I invent things
  • I do experiments
  • I do magic tricks
  • I do rope courses
  • I do crosswords

ESOL free time activities in English

  • I do the gardening
  • I do cartwheels
  • I do yoga
  • I do pottery
  • I do jigsaw puzzles
  • I learn a language
  • I ride my bike
  • I ride a horse
  • I climb mountains
  • I feed the birds
  • I jump in puddles
  • I make a snowman
  • I look at the stars
  • I get a massage
  • I get my nails done
  • I juggle
  • I knit
  • I tell jokes
  • I have a water fight with friends
  • I blow bubbles
  • I relax in a bathtub
  • I bake cookies and cakes
  • I collect stamps
  • I plant trees
  • I wear costumes

Leisure activities in English - Free time Vocabulary

And our bonus free time activity (number 101)

  • I play roleplaying games

Notice how in this lesson all of these phrases are in the simple present tense and have I (first person singular) as the subject.

Another way of saying free time activities is leisure activities.

What do you do in your free time?

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