ON + Day + Part of the Day

Day + Part of the Day

In the last lesson we say how to join a day of the week with a part of the day.
For example:

  • Wednesday morning
  • Saturday night

BUT how can we use these in a sentence?
What preposition do we use before these words?

ON + Day + Part of the Day

We use the preposition ON before the day of the week, even when it is followed by a part of the day.

  • She has a meeting on Monday morning.
  • Our flight leaves on Thursday afternoon.
  • The seminar is on Tuesday evening.
  • Let’s have a party on Friday night.

We don’t say:

  • IN Monday morning

We use the preposition ON:

  • ON Monday morning

Even though we normally say AT NIGHT. When NIGHT is joined to a DAY OF THE WEEK, we use ON before the Day.

  • We don’t say: AT Saturday night
  • We don’t say: IN Saturday night
  • We say: ON Saturday night

Look at another example:

  • We don’t say: THE Sunday in the morning
  • We don’t say: IN Sunday morning
  • We don’t say: on THE Sunday morning
  • We say: ON Sunday morning

Notice how we did not use an article in the correct sentence. Also we use ON at the beginning of this structure.

This is going to be useful when talking about daily routines or plans.


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