ON + Day + Part of the Day

Day + Part of the Day

In the last lesson we say how to join a day of the week with a part of the day.
For example:

  • Wednesday morning
  • Saturday night

BUT how can we use these in a sentence?
What preposition do we use before these words?

ON + Day + Part of the Day

We use the preposition ON before the day of the week, even when it is followed by a part of the day.

  • She has a meeting on Monday morning.
  • Our flight leaves on Thursday afternoon.
  • The seminar is on Tuesday evening.
  • Let’s have a party on Friday night.

We don’t say:

  • IN Monday morning

We use the preposition ON:

  • ON Monday morning

Even though we normally say AT NIGHT. When NIGHT is joined to a DAY OF THE WEEK, we use ON before the Day.

  • We don’t say: AT Saturday night
  • We don’t say: IN Saturday night
  • We say: ON Saturday night

Look at another example:

  • We don’t say: THE Sunday in the morning
  • We don’t say: IN Sunday morning
  • We don’t say: on THE Sunday morning
  • We say: ON Sunday morning

Notice how we did not use an article in the correct sentence. Also we use ON at the beginning of this structure.

On + Day + Part of the Day in English - English grammar rules by Woodward English

This is going to be useful when talking about daily routines or plans.

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