Shapes and Colors in English

Basic shapes in English:

  • circle – (a circle is round)
  • triangle – (a triangle has three sides)
  • square – (a square has four equal sides)
  • rectangle – (a rectangle has four sides. Two of the sides are longer than the other two sides)
  • oval – (a long circle)
  • diamond
  • star
  • heart

You can hear the pronunciation of each shape in the video. You can also see the form of the shape.

Color + Shape

When you describe a shape, the color (or colour) goes BEFORE the shape.

That is because in English we put the adjective (the description) before the noun (the name of the thing). In these examples, the color is the adjective and the shape is the noun.

  • a yellow circle
  • a pink triangle
  • a brown square
  • a red rectangle
  • a green oval
  • a blue diamond
  • an orange star *
  • a purple heart

* We say AN orange star/circle/square etc. because the word orange begins with a vowel (the letter O).

Shape + IS + Color

You can also use Shape + IS + Color.

  • The circle is yellow.
  • The triangle is pink.
  • The square is brown.
  • The rectangle is red.
  • The oval is green.
  • The diamond is blue.
  • The star is orange.
  • The heart is purple.

Summary Chart

Basic shapes and colors in English

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