Parts of the Face

What are Parts of the Face in English?

Here is our list of names of parts of the face in English:
(You can hear the pronunciation of each word in the video)

  • cheek – cheeks
  • chin
  • ear – ears
  • eye – eyes
  • eyebrow – eyebrows
  • eyelash – eyelashes
  • eyelid – eyelids
  • face
  • forehead
  • lip – lips
  • mouth
  • nose
  • nostril – nostrils
  • tooth – teeth

Parts of the Face Meanings

CHEEK: Your cheeks are the areas of skin under your eyes. Your cheeks expand when you try to blow on something.

CHIN: The chin is the lower part of the face under your mouth. When you wear a helmet, you normally fasten the straps under your chin.

EAR: You have an ear on both sides of your head. You can hear things and listen to music with your ears.

EYE: You can see with your eyes. You look at things with your eyes. Some people have blue eyes, some people have brown eyes or green eyes.

EYEBROW: Your eyebrows are the lines of hair above your eyes. Eyebrows help stop sweat from going into your eyes.

EYELASH: Your eyelashes are at the hairs growing at the edge of your eyelids.

EYELID: Your eyelids are the pieces of skin above and below the eye that cover it when you close your eyes. The eyelids are there mainly to cover and protect your eyes as well as lubricate them.

FACE: The face is the front part of the head that includes the eyes, nose, mouth and other nearby parts.

FOREHEAD: Your forehead is the part of the face above your eyes and below your hair.

LIP: Your lips are the two soft fleshy edges around your mouth.

MOUTH: You use your mouth to talk, eat and breathe. You have a tongue and teeth inside your mouth.

NOSE: You smell things with your nose. You can also breathe through your nose.

NOSTRIL: Your nostrils are the two holes at the bottom of your nose.

TOOTH: Your teeth are the hard white structures in your mouth. You use your teeth to bite and chew. You should brush your teeth after every meal. The plural form of tooth is teeth.

Parts of the Face Picture

Parts of the Face English Vocabulary - Learn the names of the parts of the face in English with a picture.

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