His – Her – Possessive Adjectives

Possessive Adjectives in English

  • He is a boy.
  • She is a girl.

HE is a subject pronoun.
SHE is a subject pronoun.

  • His name is Alex.
  • Her name is Emma.

HIS is a possessive adjective.
HER is a possessive adjective.

HE and HIS are used with a male, for example a boy or a man.
SHE and HER are used with a female, for example a girl or a woman.

  • Her balloon is green.
  • His balloon is blue.

We use HER for the girl and HIS for the boy.

Now they have two balloons each. How do we say this?

  • Her balloons are green.

Balloons is plural but HER does NOT change.

We do not say: Hers balloons are green. No, this is NOT correct.
We say: Her balloons are green.

And for the boy we say:

  • His balloons are blue.

Again, HIS does not change.

The possessive adjectives HIS and HER are sometimes confusing for people learning English.
Now we are going to practice using HIS and HER with some simple English exercises.

HIS HER Summary Chart

HIS HER difference - Possessive Adjectives in English

HIS HER Practice Exercises

Complete the sentence with HIS or HER.

1. _______ name is Susan.
2. _______ name is Frank.
3. _______ name is Steven.
4. _______ name is Angela.
5. _______ name is Daniel.
6. _______ name is Mary.
7. _______ name is Veronica.
8. _______ name is Phillip.

(The answers appear in the video)

Complete the sentences with HIS or HER.

1. He has a dog. _______ dog is small.
2. She has two cats. _______ cats are black.
3. He has a brother. _______ brother is crazy.
4. Patrick has a guitar. _______ guitar is old.
5. My mother has a car. _______ car is fast.
6. The man has new shoes. _______ shoes are clean.
7. She has a dictionary. _______ dictionary is big.
8. Maggie has a new dress. _______ dress is beautiful.

(The answers appear in the video)

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