What is an adjective?

What is an adjective?

Blue is an adjective.
Cold is an adjective.
Happy is an adjective.

An adjective is a describing word. An adjective gives more information about something.
An adjective generally describes a noun. A noun is a person, a thing, or a place.

The monster

Monster is the name of a thing. Monster is a noun.

There is no description of the monster. Describe the monster in the video.

How is the monster? Green.
Green is a colour.
Green is a description of the monster.
Green is an adjective.

What is the position of the adjective?

Where do we put the adjective?
Do we say… The green monster OR The monster green?

The correct order is….

  • The green monster.

The order is: Adjective + noun

Green is an adjective, Monster is a noun.
Green is a description of the monster. Green is an adjective.

We do not say the monster green. No, the adjective is before the noun… The green monster.


We can also use the verb To Be + Adjective. For example…

  • The monster is green.

IS is a form of the verb To Be. The monster IS.
After IS we put the adjective… IS GREEN.

  • The monster is green.

What is another description of the monster?

Is the monster happy? No, the monster is SAD.
Sad is an adjective.

We can say:

  • The sad monster. (adjective + noun) OR
  • The monster is sad. (To Be + Adjective)

Sad is an adjective.

The girl

Another example: Describe the girl in the video.

Is the girl sad? No, she is happy.
We can say…

  • The happy girl.

Happy is an adjective … girl is a noun.
We can also say…

  • The girl is happy.

To Be + the adjective HAPPY.

Adjectives in English have one form.

For example the adjective red.

  • One red car.

Red is an adjective. It gives us more information about the car. We describe the car. The car is red.
When there is more than one car, for example two cars, the adjective RED does not change.
We say:

  • Two red cars.

Red is used with one car and Red is used for two cars.
We do not say two reds cars. No. (There is no S at the end of red)

Practice Exercise

Which word is an adjective in each of these?

  • The yellow bus.
  • The boy is dirty.
  • She is nervous.
  • The relaxed woman.
  • The smelly shoe.
  • The man is cold.
  • The fast horse.
  • The doors are closed.

The answers appear in our video.

What is an adjective? – Summary Chart

What is an adjective? Basic English Grammar

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