What are you wearing? Adjectives + Clothes

Look at this sentence:

  • It is a shirt.

Describe the shirt. What colour is the shirt? (Green)

  • It is a green shirt.

Green is the word that describes the shirt.
Green is an adjective.
An adjective describes something.

In English the order is adjective + noun.
A noun is the name of something, in this case the name of an item of clothing.

Adjectives + Clothes

Let’s look at more basic adjectives with clothes.

  • This is a green coat.
  • This is blue coat.

Green and blue are adjectives. They give more information about the coats, they describe the coats.

  • This is a white T-shirt
  • This is a purple T-shirt

White and Purple are adjectives.

You can describe clothes with MORE than just colors.
We can use other adjectives. For example…

  • They are small shoes.
  • They are smelly shoes.

Look at these:

  • They are tight trousers.
  • They are tight pants.

Trousers is used in British English and pants are used in American English.

  • They are loose trousers.
  • They are loose pants.

Tight is the opposite of loose.
Tight and loose are adjectives.

We have adjectives + clothes. Now we need to make complete sentences.
We do this with: To be + wearing + clothes

To be + wearing + clothes

  • I am wearing a black suit.
  • He is wearing a blue shirt and brown pants… or brown trousers.
  • She is wearing a yellow shirt, an orange skirt and pink socks.

You also change the subject pronoun (he, she) with the name of the person or the subject.

  • Jack is wearing a blue shirt.
  • Mary is wearing an orange skirt.
  • My father is wearing a black suit.

Questions: What are you wearing?

The question to ask what someone is wearing can be:

  • What is he wearing?
  • What is she wearing?

This is how I ask what another person is wearing.
And the answer would begin with… He is wearing… and She is wearing…

You can also include other forms of To Be such as:

  • What are they wearing? They are wearing…

Look at this question:

  • What are you wearing?

If someone asks you this, they are interested in YOU and YOUR clothes, so you can answer:

  • I am wearing… and then the clothes.

What are you wearing? Adjectives + Clothes in English

Answer these questions according to the picture above:

What am I wearing?
You are wearing an orange shirt, green trousers or green pants, and brown shoes.

What are you wearing?
I’m wearing a light blue shirt, a purple suit, a yellow tie, and brown shoes.

What is she wearing?
She is wearing an orange shirt, a pink dress, pink socks, and black shoes.

What is he wearing?
He is wearing a brown hat, a yellow scarf, a green hoodie, dark blue sweatpants, and red sneakers or red trainers.

What is your mother wearing?
She is wearing earrings, a bracelet, a yellow T-shirt that says No. 1 mom, a blue skirt, and dark blue shoes.

What is John wearing?
He is wearing a brown hat, it’s a brown cowboy hat, a red scarf, a green shirt, blue jeans, brown boots and a brown belt with a gold buckle. That metal thing is called a buckle.

What are you wearing right now?

For a more complete list with additional items of clothing and things you wear (with a written definition of each one), visit our article on our English vocabulary website: Clothes and Accessories in English.

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